Timor Leste and Singapore were already out of the running but that did not stop them from giving it their all. After 90 minutes, the Group B match ended in a 1-1 draw at the National Sports Complex Stadium this evening.

Timor were out of contention after suffering two losses and one draw while Singapore lost all their previous three matches to Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. The three teams are battling for the two semifinal slots which will be finlaised after tonight’s match between Vietnam and Myanmar.

Today, the Singaporeans were determined not to lose their last group tie and finish with no points to show. As the match progressed, it appeared that Timor Leste would walk away with full points after scoring in the sixth minute through Jose Maria Oliveira, 

Timor continued to hunt down more goals to secure their position. Singapore too had a few close calls but with time ticking away and the clock showing 90 minutes, it seemed all but over. 

In what was their final push forward, Singapore were awarded a penalty after Andin Addie was brought down. Haiqal Pashia Anugrah stepped up and blasted his shot to the top right corner.

Timor then launched into attack but Francyatma Alves Kefi was overzealous as he made contact with the Singapore player in the box and was immediately sacked by referee Chanketya Thong from Cambodia.



Group B

Timor Leste 1 Singapore 1

7.00pm: Myanmar vs Vietnam



Sept 2

4.00pm: Thailand vs Runner-up Group B

7.00pm: Winner Group B vs Laos

Sept 4

4.00pm: 3rd-4th Playoff

7.00pm: FINAL


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