It was a celebratory note for fans in Indonesia when Wahyu Aji Trilaksana made justice for ONEXOX TKKR Racing Team with the champion trophy in hand at the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) for the Underbone 150cc race category. Come new season, Wahyu will embark on a new venture in ARRC with RACETECH SIXTY Racing team in a bid for greater success.

Commenting on the move, Wahyu said, “Season 2022 was not an easy one. We had numerous ups and downs between races including crashes and engine failures. But, the key to these unavoidable circumstances is being consistent and trusting that the team knows best. This season, I am more confident but we hope that luck will be on our side too.”

“Teaming up with a new team is not really new for me after all as I have been working with them in the National Championship. I have strong faith in them and know that they will work their best in terms of the machine. The machine will be similar except that the setup will be different. We hope for a better suspension that would enhance its characteristics. At the end of the day, we want to be excellent, consistently.”

It’s the risk-taking, the pump of adrenaline rush and robust moves as riders go on full-throttle to be ahead of the troop that makes UB150 race category an ever-exciting feat in ARRC. The riders of Yamaha and Honda know what it takes to pull a stunner that will leave their fans awed. As we count the days to the season opener, riders and teams from the Asian continent are buckled down to meet their goals for the year.

Md Izzat Zaidi was merely one point shy of taking the winning glory last season. Pits JRT OneWay was a booster to enhanced performance for Izzat. While he bagged more wins last season compared to the likes of his rival, this season is about rescripting his approaches, upping his performances and rewriting his accomplishments with CARDINALS FACTORY RACING TEAM. Could this season be his to celebrate? Izzat is inspired and confident but it’s the wild and unpredictable nature of the UB150 race category that needs to be tackled and tamed.

Izzat said, “There were a number of successful moments last season, personally but in the Underbone 150cc challenge, it is beyond the speed of the machine and dexterity. That is the beauty of the race category. Everyone has a chance to win therefore each round matters. And in each round, its about being 100% focused.”

“Being in a new team, I hope to adapt as soon as possible and hopefully during the pre-season test, we will be able to fine tune the machine and find the right setup needed for the machine. I will aim to be the best. I missed out on the chances of claiming the victorious title by just 1 point and so, I hope that this year would be my year to celebrate!”

In the Philippines, it was the sound of cheer from fans who were treated to April King Mascardo’s final accomplishment for the season when he made third overall on the chart. Teaming up with UMA Racing MMR YAMAHA Philippines once again, April is not about to miss his opportunities to strike and claim. The Philipino lad is equipped with the experience but so are the rest of the twenty-three riders in the UB150 race category. Will April make the cut this season?

As April said, “Being in the 3rd place overall is already a huge achievement for me and my team. I consider it an award for a great teamwork. The win has definitely boosted my confidence. I am more hopeful that nothing is impossible with hard work and sheer determination. Along with that, I also believe that being attentive and alert is crucial. We have to be wise in making the right moves and this season, I hope to work with the experiences I have gained.”

“My only goal is to make my fellow Philippine citizens proud and bring home the bacon! To be able to do that, it is a lot of practice and hard training. I do a lot of cycling and play basketball to build my stamina. My team has been a solid support system, more like a family who has given me the right supplements to fuel my aspirations. They are the best I can ask for.”

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