KAS and Unipublic, organiser of La Vuelta, launch the EcoCup, an initiative that seeks to reduce the use of disposable packaging in the cycling race’s 2021 edition. Through the EcoCup, we will prevent the use of 40,000 plastic cups. 

With this new system, guests who consume a drink in the designated areas will receive a reusable cup, leaving in exchange a deposit of one euro. This money may be recovered by returning the cup to the stands that have been specifically set up for this purpose. Whoever decides to keep the cup as a souvenir, and thus forfeit their deposit, will be contributing to a good cause, as the money that is not claimed will be donated in its totality to the NGO Paisaje Limpio. This entity, founded in 2004, is a driving force behind actions against uncontrolled waste disposal and promotes a civic culture that is respectful towards the environment

As explained by the General Manager of Unipublic, Javier Guillén, this project fits within the framework of the most sustainable edition of La Vuelta. “This is a subject that carries increasingly more weight in each and every action we launch. We can no longer think otherwise. Every part of the race and every action we promote must have a green conscience behind it”, he stated.  

“With this proposal, KAS proves its commitment to sustainability, promoting a more responsible cycling calendar and showing that you can enjoy this sport in a more sustainable manner. The Ecocup initiative is part of the ambitious circular economy project by the PepsiCo group that aims to prevent the generation of plastic waste. This way, we reconnect with something that is very ours, like cycling in the North, that forms part of the brand’s historic legacy, without losing sight of the importance of recycling”, said Natalia Suazo, Director of the Drinks category for Southwest Europe. 

On her part, María Cabrera, Communications Manager for Paisaje Limpio, assures that “initiatives such as this one contribute to the prevention of littering in the areas with high concentrations of people. Whenever we leave home, we must take care of the environment. We can have fun without hurting our surroundings”.

This package recycling system will be done in accordance with all the sanitary and hygiene measures established by the relevant health care authorities. – www.lavuelta.es

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