“Electric Myths” exposes common preconceptions around electric vehicles

Charlie Martin and Tomi Adebayo host new ten-part series

Entertaining podcast with a modern, youthful vibe launches on 22 June

Electric mobility is making progress all the time, registrations of fully electric vehicles continue to rise unabated and the charging infrastructure is expanding steadily.

But misplaced assumptions still abound. In a new ten-part video podcast series “Electric Myths”, BMW debunks the most widespread misconceptions with the help of British tech enthusiast Tomi Adebayo – better known as GadgetsBoy – and fellow Brit and transgender racing driver Charlie Martin, whose association with the Bavarian premium manufacturer dates back many years.

The entertaining and effusive double-act use the ten-minute car-pool-karaoke-style episodes to expose commonly held myths and provide well-founded information on the advantages and possibilities of electric vehicles.

Using real-life anecdotes, the two hosts address questions occupying the minds of many sceptics: What are the day-to-day benefits of electric cars? Can you use them to travel more than short distances?

Is it true that they are more expensive or more harmful to the climate than combustion-engined equivalents? Why are hydrogen-powered vehicles significantly better than their reputation suggests and a safe alternative?

The ten entertaining episodes are released at weekly intervals.

The podcast pair also present answers to questions such as why electric mobility does not overload the electricity grid, why electric vehicles are anything but complicated, how they are paving the way into a sustainable future and much more.

First and foremost, Martin and Adebayo highlight how electric vehicles from BMW serve up an enormous fun factor and elevate the brand’s signature driving pleasure to the next level.

To avoid overwhelming an audience already confronted with contradictory statements about electric mobility on a daily basis, “Electric Myths” uses a light-hearted approach to creating a better understanding of the subject. The emphasis is on refreshingly lively exchanges with a modern and youthful vibe.

The first two episodes will be aired on 22 June 2023, with the rest of the series following at weekly intervals via the BMW audio channels on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, and in video form on BMW.com and the company’s YouTube channel.

“Electric Myths” picks up the baton from a successful BMW sustainability podcast.

Last year, the BMW Group set out on the trail of a sustainable future with its podcast series “CHASING THE GREENEST CAR”. In this eight-part audio documentary – which is still available online – environmental activist Anne Therese Gennari takes an authentic look behind the scenes at BMW. Here with her presenter’s hat on, she meets the people shaping the future of the company. On her search for the eponymous “greenest car”, she explores new ways to think about recycling, the reasons why the circular economy plays such an important role, the social impact of the transformation to electric mobility in the automotive industry and where the potential to bring about the next wave of innovations can be found.

In order to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals, the BMW Group is committed to driving forward the transformation to electric mobility. The BMW Group already offers at least one fully electric model in all relevant segments.

And from 2025, the Neue Klasse models are set to increase the delivery share of all-electric vehicles to 50%, while at the same time further reducing the carbon footprint of a vehicle over its entire product lifecycle.

Link to the podcast: https://www.bmw.com/de/electric-future/elektroauto-mythen-podcast.html

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