Malaysian Mitchell Cheah took his chances well and claimed a precious victory in the Formula 4 Southeast Asia Championship, fuelled by Petron, which concluded at the Sepang Circuit yesterday. Mitchell took advantage of the safety car coming out on the last lap to win Race 3 on Saturday. He went on to claim another podium finish when he was third in Race 5 Sunday.

The 19-year-old also missed the podium twice this weekend, in Race 1 and again in Race 6 where he finished a fraction of a second behind third-placed Danial Cao of China. “I was fourth off the grid in Race 3. The safety car came out on the last lap and that helped me to victory,” said Mitchell.

The win was especially sweet as it was a late decision to compete in the Formula 4 SEA race this weekend.

Although third in Race 5, Mitchell was pleased with the outcome. “It was a fantastic race for me as I started in ninth and made my way up to third. I was very happy with myself,” said Mitchell, who also competes in touring car events.

While Mitchell bagged one race, Thailand’s Kane Shepherd reeled in two victories over the weekend. Victory did not come easy for Shepherd as he had to fight off spirited challenges from Belgian Ugo de Wilde in Race 4 and Japanese Hibiki Taira in Race 6.

Other winners this weekend were Danial Cao (Race 1), Eshan Pieris (Race 2) and de Wile (Race 5).

Meanwhile, other Malaysian drivers in action this weekend were Adam Khalid, Alister Yoong and Muizz Musyaffa. Adam and Alister managed fourth placings in Race 1 and Race 3 respectively.

The fifth and final round of the F4 SEA Championship will be staged in Sepang again in April.



Circuit length 5.5km 

Race 1 (9 laps)

  1. Danial Cao (CHN) 20 minutes 20.008 secs
  2. Aaron Love (AUS) 20:20.437
  3. Ugo de Wilde (BEL) 20:23.087


Race 2 (8 laps)

  1. Eshan Pieris (SRI) 18:06.878
  2. Hibiki Taira (JPN) 18:11.857
  3. Danial Cao (CHN) 18:12.928


Race 3 (9 laps)

  1. Mitchell Cheah (MAS) 21:51.717
  2. Danial Cao (CHN) 21:52.099
  3. Aaron Love (AUS) 21:53.501


Race 4 (9 laps)

  1. Kane Shepherd (THA) 20:07.456
  2. Ugo de Wilde (BEL) 20:08.932
  3. Aaron Love (AUS) 20:09.045


Race 5 (9 laps)

  1. Ugo de Wilde (BEL) 20:13.912 2:13.815
  2. Hibiki Taira (JPN) 20:13.968
  3. Mitchell Cheah (MAS) 20:15.624


Race 6 (9 laps)

  1. Kane Shepherd (THA) 20:17.455
  2. Hibiki Taira (JPN) 20:18.526
  3. Danial Cao (CHN) 20:23.638
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