Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA) have recently announced during their EXCO meeting on the 6 November 2016 that the current MABA Stadium will be due for renovation and upgrading works in preparation for the upcoming SEA Games 2017.
The strategically located stadium in the heart of Kuala Lumpur was built in 1995 and is opposite the ongoing construction of the iconic KL118 tower.
The stadium renovation works will consist of upgrading the basketball arena and electronic equipment, air-conditioning, locker rooms, mezzanine floor, public areas and also the facade of the building.
As part of the stadium renovation plans, MABA have announced their intention to turn the basketball arena into a multi-purpose venue to cater for various other events in the hope of generating a new revenue stream.
Sim Sin Heng, Deputy Secretary General of MABA said, “we’ve had this stadium for 21 years now, and during it’s time of service it has been constructed with the sole purpose of hosting basketball tournaments and as training ground for the national team.
It is the perfect time to upgrade the stadium as we would be hosting the SEA Games here in KL. We are hoping to find the right naming rights partner to help us in upgrading our stadium to be an iconic venue in the heart of KL”
The total base cost of renovation is estimated to be more than RM3 million.
MABA have announced that they are open to offers for the stadium naming rights with additional benefits for a duration of eight years in return for the amount equivalent to the baseline renovation costs until the 18th November 2016.
The proposal and offers can be enquired with the MABA office by contacting Mr Sim Sin Heng @ 03 20780055 or by visiting their office @ 12th Floor, Wisma MABA, 6 Jalan Hang Jebat, 50150, Kuala Lumpur.
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