Round 2 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship will be held at the Sepang International Circuit this weekend. Md Helmi Azman of Boon Siew Honda Racing Team is fuelled for another round of action and is ready to take charge of the MSBK600 race category.

Helmi was relentless in his pursuit in Round 1. In Race 1, he went on to put immense pressure on his teammate, Khairul throughout 9 laps and into the 10th lap, he worked on his moves to take over P1 before claiming victory.

In Race 2, the circuit belonged to him as he went on to complete the race with a gap of 12.923s with the immediate contender in line. He scored a double-win that weekend. In Round 1, a total of 8 riders participated in the championship.

Last season, Helmi participated only for one round and made it to the podium in all three races with one win. With a positive start for Helmi this season, it looks like he is in for a much exciting season, more so with the likes of other competitive riders in the race category.

For Helmi, the Sepang circuit is nothing new and for someone who has clocked in the hours on the circuit, it’s all about the performance of the machine and his abilities to stride with no mistakes.

Commenting on the race, Helmi said, “There is not much of a difference this round compared to last round except that I will be in for a full season this time around. Last season, I missed three races when I was away in the 8-hour endurance challenge. The struggle at the moment is the machine.

“I don’t feel that great but I would still have to work on the setup to better my pace especially on the suspensions. Although I did well for Round 1, there are two more rounds to go and it is really important to ensure the machine is in a good condition so that I can maintain my current position.”

“For this year, I am aiming for the overall champion title because last year, I was way behind in points. It was a good start for me this season. I had a positive outcome in both races. It was competitive yet exciting at the same time.

“Sepang circuit has always been a good place to ride and I can say that I have great confidence riding there. We have done many races there and with the depth of input and data that we have, it helps a lot during the race. So, this time, I aim for the best spot.”

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