The SBK Commission is currently working on the introduction of a new entry class to the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship in 2026, marking a significant evolution in the racing landscape. This new class will replace the FIM Supersport 300 World Championship (WorldSSP300), which has successfully served as a feeder class since its inception in 2017.

WorldSSP300 has fulfilled its mission of providing a sustainable and affordable platform for emerging talents to enter the World Championship. Building on this success, the introduction of the new class aims to further enhance the sporting and commercial relevance of the entry category.

One of the key objectives of this new initiative is to smoothen the progression path for riders moving up to the larger classes, particularly to the FIM Supersport World Championship (WorldSSP). By closing the performance gap between the entry and intermediate classes, the aim is to create a more seamless transition for riders, fostering their development and preparing them for the competitive demands of higher categories.

Additionally, this move is designed to attract greater interest from manufacturers by allowing them to showcase machinery that reflects a growing market segment. The new class will feature nimble bikes with more powerful mid-tier capacity engines, details of which will be specified by the SBK Commission in the coming weeks and months.

Launched in 2017, the WorldSSP300 class provided a global platform for young talents, allowing them to showcase their abilities and learn the intricacies of a world racing series and quickly becoming a popular entry point for aspiring professional riders.

The final season of the WorldSSP300 series will take place in 2025, providing teams and manufacturers ample time to prepare for the transition to the new class in 2026. This period will ensure a smooth and well-coordinated shift, allowing all stakeholders to adapt to the new technical and sporting regulations.

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