# Coach Shaharuddin Rosdi quits the Elephants

# Earlier CEO of Pahang FC Fahrizal Hasan tendered his resignation

# There could be more ‘scapegoats’ in this year’s M-League


Things do not look good for Pahang and what more is in store for the Elephants is left to be seen following the resignation of coach Shaharuddin Rosdi and his assisatant Azaruddin Aziz – just three months into the M-League season.

This comes in the wake of chief executive officer of Pahang FC Fahrizal Hasan’s resignation who quit his post after Pahang’s 1-0 defeat to Sime Darby in a third round FA Cup match in Kuantan last Saturday.

The Pahang management was quick to fill up Fahrizal’s post by naming Pahang FC vice-president Datuk Akhbar V.V. Abu but the vacuum left by Shaharuddin and Azaruddin has left a big question.

The M-League still in the early stages the management of most team’s want instant results and coaches have become the KAMBING HITAM (scapegoats) without taking a hard look at what is at their disposal.

Terengganu were the first to wield the axe and head coach Ahamd Yusof became the first victim when he was told to take a rest after only three matches – two in the Super League and one in the FA Cup.

East Coast neighbours Pahang seem to have taken a cue from Terengganu and followed suit. Although Shaharuddin and Aazaruddin were not told to “take a rest” but their decision to throw in the towel before they become the victims of the management is nothing surprising.

Pahang were crippled for the new season after head coach Zainal Abidin Hassan led an exodus of players. He brought along four key players – Azhan Khalid (goalkeeper), defender Razman Roslan, R. Gopinathan (flanker) and dead ball specialist and midfielder Hafiz Kamal – to join Malaysia Cup champions Selangor.

Also gone is Azamuddin Akil (Alex) who is now with Super League and AFC Cup champions Johor Darul Takzim.

With half the team gone do not expect miracles from the new-look Pahang while Sahahruddin and Azaruddin are “greenhorns” in the field of coaching.

Success does not come overnight or achieved overnight but football coaches in Malaysia are at the mercy of the management – not knowing when their rice bowl could be affected.

Ahmad Yusof, Shaharuddin Rosdi and Azaruddin Aziz are the latest to be on the list of scapegoats. Nor forgetting B. Satianathan, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, Datuk M. Karathu, Steve Darby, Robert Alberts, Bojan Hodak, George Boateng and host of others who became the victims of the management.

There could be more hitting the list and it is time to take hard look at professionalism in Malaysian football.

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