In keeping with its current special exhibition “The Speed of Light”, Audi Tradition would like to invite you to an evening of lectures at the Audi museum mobile.
On Monday, March 13, Dr. Michael Hamm and Dr. Michael Kruppa will trace the evolution of vehicle lighting from its earliest days up to present times, and then offer a preview of where lighting is heading. Admission is free, but registration by March 9 is essential. After the lectures, you will have an opportunity to look around the special exhibition and talk to both speakers.
Dr. Michael Hamm and Dr. Michael Kruppa are both renowned experts in the field of lighting. In addition to their name, they also share a passion for light: Dr. Hamm was head of headlight development at Audi from 2012 to 2022.
During that time, he introduced numerous innovations, including LED and Matrix LED headlights, and laser as an additional high beam. He is currently a visiting lecturer in traffic light technology at TU Darmstadt and also works as a journalist.
Dr. Michael Kruppa has been with Audi since 2013 and dedicated to lighting development since 2016: as head of lighting development, he developed the digital OLED taillights, which are an indispensable part of the Audi-portfolio, together with his team. Now he works as head of front lighting development.
The special exhibition “The Speed of Light” at the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt is, for the first time, telling the full story of lighting development through the rich product history of the brand with the four rings. The special exhibition looks back to the beginnings of vehicle lighting – when early automobiles still used actual fire for illumination.
Ten vehicles trace the various epochs in lighting technology, while other exhibits illustrate the functionality and the fascination of constantly evolving headlight and rear light technologies. “The Speed of Light” will be on display in the Audi museum mobile until June 4.
To register for the lectures, email or call 0841/89-34433. The event starts at 6:30 PM; doors open at 6:00.
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