PEUGEOT SPORT is pleased to announce its partnership with the international clothing brand JACK & JONES. As official supplier, the Danish fashion house is joining forces with the PEUGEOT racing team on the occasion of its return to endurance racing with the 9X8.

The family business, JACK & JONES, founded 30 years ago, and PEUGEOT SPORT have entered into this partnership sharing fundamental values: innovation, performance, quality, technical design, manufacturing and extensive testing procedures. This JACK & JONES approach perfectly matches the technological and demanding environment of the endurance program into which PEUGEOT SPORT will enter in 2022.

Official supplier of the Denmark team to the last Olympic Games, JACK & JONES presented a high quality technical range that ensures comfort, style and durability for all shapes and sizes. This key JACK & JONES production philosophy is aligned with PEUGEOT SPORT’s strategy of efficiency and responsible performance.

During a recent PEUGEOT SPORT visit to Denmark, a collection was co-developed with an extremely innovative approach to JACK & JONES products. The objective is to create a real link between the Brands through innovation and common technical interactions; the Danish company’s quality control laboratory is one of the most advanced in the fashion industry. It is comparable to a motorsport QC! Cutting-edge design, engineering, tailoring and a constant quest for improvement were all assets of a key player in an industry that is evolving as rapidly as it is in motorsport.

JACK & JONES is a young and general public brand with a very high level of quality, allowing PEUGEOT SPORT to address a young and trendy target, while JACK & JONES benefits from the historical and qualitative image of PEUGEOT with their distinct values.

Anders Gam – Director of JACK & JONES:

“We are very happy to join forces with a renowned brand such as PEUGEOT, because we share many strengths in terms of quality and innovation within our companies. “

Olivier Jansonnie – Technical Director, PEUGEOT SPORT:

“In endurance racing, we have to design a race car that is technically excellent: innovative, reliable and efficient, but which also corresponds to our values ​​of quality and economic sustainability. We are very happy to start this new chapter of our sporting adventure with JACK & JONES which reflects these same values ​​”.

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