The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has confirmed the composition of the pools as well as the match schedules for the FIH Series Finals events to be played in Valencia, Spain (Women) and Le Touquet, France (Men), this year.

The FIH Series Finals include some of the best teams in the world and are one of the roads to reach the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Indeed, the top two teams from each FIH Series Finals will secure a place in the Qualification Events for the next Olympic Games which will be held in October and November 2019.(*)

The composition of the pools is as follows:

Le Touquet, France (Men) 15-23 June 2019
Pool A: Ireland, Egypt, Scotland, Singapore
Pool B: France, Korea, Ukraine, Chile

Please view match schedule here.

Valencia, Spain (Women) 19-27 June 2019
Pool A: Spain, Belarus, Canada, Namibia
Pool B: South Africa, Italy, Wales, Thailand

Please view match schedule here.

The pools and match schedules for the FIH Series Finals in Kuala Lumpur and Dublin are available here, while those for both other FIH Series Finals will be confirmed shortly.

(*) Note: if Japan, Scotland or Wales finish in the top 2 of their respective pools, they will not secure a place in the Olympic Games Qualifiers. Japan have already qualified as both host and winners of the Asian Games; for Scotland and Wales, the reason is that England are the nominated country for GBR’s qualification pathway. If any of these three teams do finish in the top 2, the team that finishes third does NOT automatically qualify for the Olympic Games Qualifiers. Any such additional place is determined by the FIH World Rankings as at the completion of the continental championships (8 September 2019)

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