Fresh air permeates Oval as Sports Minister gives thumbs up

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The Kinrara Oval know has excellent facilities that include a newly built 1,400-seating pavilion. Photo Credit –

THE Kinrara Oval, venue for the SEA Games 2017 cricket competition, has received the thumbs up from YB Brig Gen Khairy Kamaruddin who expressed satisfaction over the condition and excellent facilities at the venue where three gold medals will be contested.

The venue recently was given a facelift and know has excellent facilities that include a newly built 1,400-seating pavilion, extended score board and indoor training facilities that has been given a fresh coat of paint which permeates the air.

“The Sports Ministry has allocated RM1.3 million to upgrade the facilities in the Oval while the chairs in the pavilion have been brought over from the National Stadium which has also undergone a face lift,” he added.

“A lot of the facilities here have been built by the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) and we congratulate them for a job well done,” he said.

Cricket makes its debut in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Games with competition running from 21-29 August.

Kinrara Oval. Photo Credit –

“With the inclusion of cricket and other new sports into the main stream of the Games, we have broaden the base. It is just fair that they be given the opportunity. We reward performance-based national associations and it’s just fair that they are given the opportunity to be in the Games,” said YB Brig Gen Khairy.

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