The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will assist the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to revitalise the S.League.

AFC General Secretary Dato’ Windsor John said the help of experts would be sourced to assess the S.League before implementing a model for change.

“Before we come to the model that the AFC would like to implement, we need to have a proper assessment of the S.League,” said John.

“My commitment to the (FAS) executive committee and the council is that we would be able to send the right people to come to Singapore and make the assessment and evaluation before presenting a model that will work for Singapore.”

The AFC will bear the expenses of the consultation.

“We have a wide range of experts from Asia and a memorandum of understanding with UEFA that gives us the opportunity to bring its experts from Europe. We need to find experts who have worked in similar conditions and we need to find the right balance.

“We need to make the right decision so that there is sustainability and a clear road map towards achieving change that the board would like to make.”

Low attendances at games, a lack of fan interest and dwindling sponsorship have affected the S.League in recent years.

“A good plan for today means that someone would have to clear the field and plant the seeds, the seeds would have to be watered and nurtured. Only the person at the end of the 15 or 20 years will reap the fruits, and that is a long process.”

FAS president Lim Kia Tong agreed, asserting that the long-term view is exactly the focus of his council.

“Moving forward, we will not change structures for the sake of changing structures,” he said.

“Whatever decisions made in regards to the administration, the FAS will definitely bear in mind what we have learnt from the AFC.”

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