The AFF 15th Council Meeting

The AFF 22nd Congress and the biennial AFF Awards will be held on 22 August in Yangon, Myanmar.

These were the decisions of the AFF 15th Council meeting for the Session 2011/2015 that was held this morning in Singapore.

The AFF Congress which is also an electoral year will see Member Associations nominating their candidacy for the positions of the four vice presidents within the next week before elections are held.

This follows the electoral ruling of giving 60 days grace period.

The position of AFF President which is being held by His Royal Highness Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah is uncontested.

“I would just like to remind the Member Associations that when they nominate the candidates for elections, they should look at rotating the positions so that it can be shared among the 12 countries,” said Sultan Ahmad Shah in his opening speech that was delivered by vice president Major General Khiev Sameth.

“I believe that we should put aside our personal interest and concentrate at developing football in the region as a whole.”

The first AFF Awards was held in 2013 with the FA of Malaysia (FAM) playing hosts in Kuantan, Pahang.

Myanmar Football Federation (MFF) president Zaw Zaw said that he is elated to have been given the opportunity to host the event.

“We welcome the member countries of ASEAN to Myanmar with open arms. We look forward to be hosts,” added Zaw Zaw.

Zaw Zaw is the chairman of the Sub Committee of the AFF Awards Night 2015 and where he will be joined by Honourable Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, Majoy General Khiev Sameth, Honourable Zainudin Nordin and Dr Tran Quoc Tuan.

Zaw Zaw, President of the Myanmar Football Federation
Major General Khiev Sameth
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