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With the deadlock between the (FA of Indonesia) PSSI and also the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports being what it is – still a deadlock – La Nyalla Mattalitti, the president of the PSSI has decided to write an open letter to the public to express his utter disappointment at the impending suspension by FIFA.

La Nyalla is currently in Zurich attending the FIFA Congress. Append below is the letter that was published last night.


“To the people of Indonesia,

Specifically to the football-loving family of Indonesian football

Through this short message, I would like to inform the general public from the FIFA Congress here in Zurich that FIFA are still adamant that they will stick to the decision they have stated in an earlier letter to PSSI.

The letter states that FIFA will suspend PSSI if the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports do not recall the ‘freeze’ letter on the administration of the PSSI.

I would like to apologise to the Indonesian people that all our efforts to convince the Ministry to recant their earlier order have been in vain.

It is common knowledge that it is not only the PSSI who have been working tirelessly to lift the ‘freeze’ on the national body but also the vice president of Indonesia (Jusuf Kalla), the Indonesian Olympic Council, well-known Indonesian figures and even the wives of footballers have put in their efforts but to no avail.

All we want is to avoid being suspended by FIFA but the Ministry is still adamant with their views.

Towards such an impasse, I see no other way but for FIFA to issue the letter of suspension on PSSI within these two days.

Again, I would like to apologise to the Indonesian public, the players, the coaches, the referees, and also supporters and the stakeholders of Indonesian football of the calamity that is about to face our game.

The future of Indonesian football hangs in the balance at this time but when the suspension comes, then all football activities in the country will have to come to an abrupt halt.

The national team will have to stop. Thousands of players from the senior side, to the Under-23, the U19, U16, U14 and also the women’s team who have been preparing hard for the several tournaments this year will be disappointed.

I am hoping for a miracle and I hope that the Ministry will see it fit to make the right decision for the Indonesian people before FIFA make theirs.”


La Nyalla Mattalitti

President PSSI


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