A small fleet of BMW electric cars and scooters was officially handed over today, Monday 30 May, by Sergio Solero, President and CEO of BMW Italia, to His Excellency Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation.

The fleet of electric vehicles consists of two all-electric BMW i3 models and two BMW C evolution scooters, all emblazoned with the logo and motto of the Jubilee of Mercy. The cars and scooters have been used by the Vatican State’s Pontifical Council since the Jubilee of Mercy began on 8 December 2015, for errands and for transporting guests, officials, diplomatic delegations and pilgrims with minor disabilities not requiring special modification; they will remain in service until the Extraordinary Holy Year ends on 20 November 2016.

“BMW is at the forefront of the development of future mobility concepts, with the BMW i and iPerformance series of electric-powered cars,” declared Sergio Solero at the handover. “Today we are particularly proud to be able to place our most innovative products at the service of the Vatican State’s Pontifical Council as a contribution to the success of the Jubilee of Mercy.”


For his part, Archbishop Rino Fisichella thanked BMW Italia in the person of President Solero for “the generosity of feeling shown towards the organizational needs of the Jubilee, our volunteers and, most of all, those pilgrims with minor disabilities who will find it easier, with the loan of an electric vehicle provided free of charge, to tackle the pilgrim’s journey at the Jubilee of Mercy”.

The BMW i3, introduced in 2013, is the BMW Group’s first all-electric series-production model and ushers in a new era of electric travel, a coherent and attractive solution to the challenges, present and future, of personal mobility in our great urban agglomerations; it is the world’s first premium automobile designed from the outset for all-electric running with zero local emissions.

With its futuristic design, premium quality and innovative features firmly anchored in sustainability, it faithfully champions the pleasure of BMW driving in a sustainable mode. Next, from the BMW i came the BMW iPerformance family, which includes a wide range of plug-in hybrids from citycars to luxury cars.

The electric-powered BMW C evolution Maxi Scooter sets new technological standards and features great versatility. Its high-voltage high-capacity (8kWh) battery gives it enough charge for trips of up to 100km.

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