New SHA Council 2014 - 2

Dato’ Sri Subahan Kamal was returned unopposed as President of Selangor Hockey Association for the second consecutive term at the associations’s AGM held tonight. Deputy President Dato’ S. Sivasundaram was also returned unopposed by the delegates present in a simple and smooth meeting.

In the elections for Vice President, Maj. rtd V. Manisegaran, Noor Azman b. Surudh Ali retained their posts. The three new faces were Ganesan Shanmugam, Kuna Senathirajah and Dr. S. Shamala were elected unanimously without contest.

The Committee members are Zanal Abidin, Gurdip Singh Mann, P.Balamuraly, M.Karunakaran and Brian G. Fernendez filled up the five seats.

The new council will now meet at a later date to fill the position of secretary & treasurer and three Appointed Members.

The new SHA Council line-up:

President               Dato’ Sri Subahan Kamal
Dep. President          Dato’ S. Sivasundaram

Vice Presidents
1. Mr. Ganesan Shanmugam
2. Maj. Rtd V. Manisegaran
3. Mr. Noor Azman b. Surudh Ali
4. Prof. Dr. S. Shamala
5. Mr. Kuna Senathirajah

Committee Members
1. Mr. Zanal Abidin,
2. Mr.Gurdip Singh Mann,
3. Mr.P.Balamuraly,
4. Mr. M.Karunakaran,
5. Mr.Brian G. Fernendez

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