26.06.2022, Hamburg, Heiligengeistfeld
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Foto: Conny Kurth / www.kurth-media.de

King of the Court is back and in 2022 for the very first time with a proper Series: five tournaments, a total of four continents visited, a total of $ 500,000 in prize money and millions of fans from all over the globe can experience the exciting and innovative beach volleyball format!


The story of the Queens of Hamburg starts on Saturday night, when Pleun Ypma and Emi van Driel (NED) starred in the play-off for a final spot in the semifinals. They decided that courage was the way to go, don’t leave anything behind on court.

It helped them a lot in the semis, where they earned a direct place in the final. They scored a total of 14 points in the final round, which earns them the title of Queens of Hamburg for at least a year.

Teams from France, USA, Canada and New Zealand joined them in the final, but had to play second fiddle. Eventually the Canadian twins Megan and Nicole McNamara won the bronze, next to having the longest stay of the tournament.

They earned themselves two Maurice Lacroix watches worth € 1,500. The second step on the podium fell victim to the Kiwis Shauna Polley and Alice Zeimann, who had their Queen of the Court debut.


Before the start of the final of the men one thing was clear already: Clemens Wickler (GER) and Robert Meeuwsen (NED), the German-Dutch combo for the occasion, would be the team to beat. They outscored everyone this week and won all of their matches. They have a royal flush to their name.

The story of the final was grand. In the first round the reigning Kings of Doha from last January had to leave the battle, next to go were 2018 King of Utrecht Adrian Gavira and his partner Alejandro Huerta.

In the final round Meeuwsen’s regular partner Alexander Brouwer (NED) gave it his all, but together with Ruben Penninga (NED) their efforts fell short. Estonians Mart Tiisaar and Kusti Nõlvak tried their best, but were no match for Wickler/Meeuwsen. They do take home the silver.

Results – Men Results – Women
1| Clemens Wickler (GER) & Robert Meeuwsen (NED) 1| Pleun Ypma & Emi van Driel (NED)
2| Mart Tiisaar & Kusti Nõlvak (EST) 2| Shauna Polley & Alice Zeimann (NZL)
3| Alexander Brouwer & Ruben Penninga (NED) 3| Megan McNamara & Nicole McNamara (CAN)

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