The 2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Games ‘The divine festival for sportsmen around the world’, opens on 12 May until 20 May.
The event is under the theme of ‘Enjoy Sports! Play Life!’, will be held for 9 days with 26 included sports in 42 different stadiums across 14 cities and counties in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.
THE BIGGEST SPORT FOR ALL FESTIVAL The Masters Games were first held in 1985 to promote the ‘Sports for all’ philosophy outlined in the Olympic Charter. Initially, it was conducted only for retired athletes and Olympic athletes.
But now, the system has changed and anyone over the age of 30 who loves sports for life can participate in the 2023 Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters Games, regardless of gender, race, religion, ability, or country, Instead of forming a delegation from each country, individuals can apply to participate in their favourite event and compete against each other.
HISTORY & LEGACY The first Asia Pacific Masters Games was held in Penang, Malaysia in 2018, this event, which will be in Jeonbuk province, will be attracting attention as not only a meeting between sports but also providing tourism and cultural festivals.
The Organizing Committee (Chairman Kim Kwan-young, Governor of North Jeolla Province) are preparing a place for a genuine festival where not only participating athletes but also domestic and foreign visitors can enjoy together by providing an abundance of things to see, eat, and enjoy.
INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION Overseas participants will receive a free transportation support service (from the airport to the stadium, from the stadium to the accommodation) and an invitation letter for visa issuance convenience.
In addition, a participant kit consisting of a sling bag, T-shirt, and sports water bottle, a local currency voucher (50,000 won for players, 10,000 won for accompanying persons) and a tour pass (one-day pass) that can be used anywhere in restaurants, cafes, and available local stores.
TO PARTICIPATE Those wishing to participate in the 2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Games can register until the deadline date: 12 March 2023 through the competition information system on the website The accommodation costs and travel tickets, lodging and meals, should be paid directly by the participants themselves.
For inquiries, contact: 
Tel: +82-63-280-6933, 6925
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