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Friday, January 15, 2016
Byeong Hun An
Thongchai Jaidee
Quick Quotes
THONGCHAI JAIDEE: Enjoy playing with the partner. I know his game and he knows my game. We normally like to play together. I don’t mind playing with Ben. I know his game. That’s why we play good. We make anything — that’s the most important, we play together. I have more experience and tell him, okay, anything you want. We play the game, the other person, you have to be together.

Q. It wasn’t looking too good at one stage in the middle of the afternoon, but at least now you have one point for Asia.
BYEONGHUN AN: Yeah, definitely, I was walking the whole time and I saw blue on the left side. I didn’t worry about the other guys. They will do well and let’s win our match first. Yeah, we got off to a good start. He made, I don’t know, it was like a 40-yard putt I think and it lost kind of momentum the last couple holes. We were 2-down and nine holes to go.

He got all the shots on the front nine and I thought I had to do something and I knew he couldn’t last 18 holes. So I had to do something about it and I think I did my job on the back nine and got to help him.

Q. Good win for the two of you.
BYEONGHUN AN: Yeah, I think so. Danny and Matthew, they are one of the best players on that team, and I think we did pretty well to win against them, because they are not really easy. Both are great players. It was pretty hard today. So really glad about our point there.

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Friday, January 15, 2016
Prayad Marksaeng
Quick Quotes
Q. Can you talk about your day?
PRAYAD MARKSAENG: Maybe no luck today. Hit good, early putting, everything was on the green.

Q. You were five-down from the first position; can you do it again tomorrow?
PRAYAD MARKSAENG: Maybe in the same time, no luck, both. Cannot get recover. This one missed and that one also missed. I think we solved the problem — went on the green, birdie putt. This one missed, that one missed, the same missing on the same hole.

Both really quiet. Not very talking all the time. Both very serious concentration. The game, sometimes too much, need to relax. Maybetomorrow I adjust the pairing.

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