#Lagardère Sports and Entertainment rebranded as SPORTFIVE across all regional operations

#SPORTFIVE to function as masterbrand and includes majority of subsidiaries

#New global leadership team with a four-member executive committee, led by CEO Stefan Felsing

#Agency rebranding completes transformation process after finalised transaction between Lagardère Group and H.I.G. Capital

Global sports business agency Lagardère Sports and Entertainment has changed its brand identity to SPORTFIVE, following the sale of the business from Lagardère Group to private equity firm H.I.G. Capital in mid-April.

The private equity firm now owns a majority of 75.1% stake in the business. SPORTFIVE’s business model continues under the principle of customer centricity.

While believing in the power of sports and the benefits of responsible commercialisation, the agency will continue to create and grow sustainable long-term value for brands, media
partners and rights-holders.

SPORTFIVE continues to provide end-to-end solutions to stakeholders with its global and
regional expertise in consultancy and management.

The agency enables its clients privileged access to a sporting world where individualised solutions that meet customers’ dedicated objectives are of the highest priority.

As part of the transformation process, SPORTFIVE will shift its focus to a dual organisational structure of dedicated market areas and global growth units.

Within this new framework, the agency will be managed and steered on a global scale by a four-member Executive Committee, consisting of Stefan Felsing (Chief Executive Officer), Philipp Hasenbein (Chief Operating Officer), Robert Müller von Vultejus (Chief Growth Officer) and Christian Peters (Chief Financial Officer) in close collaboration with a worldwide leadership circle.

CEO Stefan Felsing and his executive committee are based out of Hamburg (Germany) with
leadership team members in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia overseeing the
agency’s global operations.

Brand naming is derived from two reasons. Firstly, SPORT – as the agency and its
people believe in the power of Sports and secondly, FIVE – as it represents the five core
stakeholder groups it serves: brands, rights-holders, media platforms, fans and its people.

SPORTFIVE also emphasises some of the company’s historic roots – in terms of emotion,
professionalism and pioneering mindset.

This initial company backbone has been developed over the years into a strong, global conglomerate of sport business agencies and now serves as guidance for the new SPORTFIVE masterbrand, as an even more focused, efficient and data-intelligent way forward emerges.

“Today marks a milestone for our agency. A new leadership team, new ownership and
reintroducing to the world of sport a legacy brand name, SPORTFIVE, that not only
represents our founding pioneering spirit, but also our strong future of being one of the most progressive and respected partner in sports,” said CEO Stefan Felsing.

“SPORTFIVE is made up of pioneers in sports across different regions, we believe in the
power of sports and that its responsible commercialisation can benefit the society as a
whole. I look forward to bringing our tenacity, energy, experience, integrity and trust earned from our stakeholders to make SPORTFIVE synonymous for innovative and emotional sports marketing,” added Felsing.

A number of agency subsidiaries are integrated into the new SPORTFIVE brand, including
Lagardère Sports, Lagardère PLUS, U! Sports, VIP Sportstravel.

The subsidiaries Rooftop2 Production and Event Knowledge Services (EKS) will continue to operate under the own brand but will receive an endorsement as a SPORTFIVE company.

Off-season football event organisation service Onside and creative agency Brave will continue to operate under their existing brand name.

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