After a long, long break, it was certainly good to be back for the Timor Leste women’s national team when they took the pitch over the past week.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world and it is no exception for Timor Leste where things have gone quiet over the past year where, in early 2021, the government had little choice but to impose total lockdown,

However, with Timor Leste’s government push for normalcy, they have decreed that those who have received the complete vaccine from April 2021 onwards, will be allowed to get back to their former activities.

And the long wait is over with the Timor Leste women’s national side finally being allowed to get back onto the pitch.

It is the same with the Timor Leste national U19 side where they were back to training since the last week of June.

Football is part of life.



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