Sepang Drag Battle

SEPANG – The atmosphere at the Sepang International Circuit(SIC) tomorrow evening will be intense as the participants of the Sepang Drag Battle Round 4 come together for the penultimate event of the season.

After somewhat of an extended break due to the Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix and several other events, the drag race drivers are itching for action. Many of them have been working on their cars over the last two months and will want to see how they fare against their rivals.

A sizeable fan turnout is expected, as has been with previous drag races. Many will be supporting their family and friends but many more will be there for the high-speed action-packed races.

SIC, the event organisers, have announced that the first 1,500 spectators will be allowed to watch the proceedings from the paddocks. To get into the paddocks, fans are advised to come early to make sure they get in.

Once the 1,500 mark is surpassed, the paddocks will be closed and fans will be allowed to watch the race from the Main Grandstand.

The teams which participated in the previous Sepang Drag Battle round will not be charged any entry fees for this final round. “We have made all the necessary preparations and carried out the relevant tests on the timing systems to ensure everything is in proper running condition,” said SIC CEO, Datuk Razlan Razali today.

“I hope teams and drivers will have a good time tomorrow.”

The Sepang Drag Battle is a showcase of speed and acceleration as racing teams and prominent workshops test their modified mean machines against others. The fifth and final round of the Sepang Drag Battle will take place on Dec 13th.

Registration starts at 6pm on Friday.

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