Now you’ve had time to reflect on the British Grand Prix, what are your thoughts on how it all went?

Silverstone was a poor weekend for me and one to forget. I enjoyed the sprint race format though, it demands a lot more from the drivers with two races and two starts. It was definitely different, that’s for sure. Now I am fully focused on Hungary and we plan to bounce back. We are very motivated as a Team, we have worked really hard this week and we are doing everything we can to come back strong.

This is the last race before the summer break. What are your thoughts on the Hungaroring?

The Hungaroring is a very unique track and it’s very similar to Monaco with the high levels of downforce, it’s a very technical track. I’m looking forward to having a strong weekend at the last race before the summer holidays…that’s the only way we can have a good holiday, making sure that we have a strong weekend in Budapest [laughs]!

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