The Indonesia SEA Games squad has started their preparation for the SEA Games 2021 which will be hosted by Vietnam at the end of next year.

The training was held in Jakarta under the watchful eyes of head coach Shin Tae-yong.

“We started training this week because for many of the players, they have not had much activity following the long resting period of their respective teams,” said Tae-yong.

“For this camp, we will be focussing on improving the players’ physical conditioning, stamina and also on the overall strength of the players. We would also like to see an improved mentality.”

The centralised training will end on 31 December 2020.



  1. Nadeo Argawinata (Bali United)
  2. Kadek Agung (Bali United)
  3. Sidik Saimima (Bali United)
  4. Miswar Saputra (PSM)
  5. Firza Andika (PSM)
  6. Asnawi Mangkualam (PSM)
  7. Yacob Sayuri (PSM)
  8. Muhamad Riyandi (Barito Putera)
  9. Muchamad Aqil (Persib)
  10. Ryuji Utomo (Penang FA)
  11. Osvaldo Haay (Persija)
  12. Evan Dimas (Persija)
  13. Bagas Adi (Arema FC)
  14. Feby Eka (Arema FC)
  15. Hanif Sjahbandi (Arema FC)
  16. Muhammad Rafli (Arema FC)
  17. Muhammad Rifad (Tira Persikabo)
  18. Andy Setyo (Tira Persikabo)
  19. Nurhidayat (Bhayangkara FC)
  20. Adam Alis (Bhayangkara FC)
  21. Saddil Ramdani (Bhayangkara FC)
  22. Dendi Sulistyawan (Bhayangakara FC)
  23. Samuel Christianson (Madura United)
  24. Syahrian Abimanyu (Madura United)
  25. Andik Rendika (Madura United)
  26. David Rumakiek (Persipura)
  27. Todd Ferre (Lampang FC)
  28. Rachmat Irianto (Persebaya)
  29. Muhammad Hambali (Persebaya)
  30. Koko Ari (Persebaya)
  31. Fredyan Wahyu (PSIS)
  32. Tegar Infantri (PSIS)
  33. Egy Maulana (Lechia Gdansk)
  34. Irkham Mila (PSS)
  35. Natanael Siringoringo (Sulut United)
  36. Septian Satria (Persik Kediri)
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