Alberto Ginés López, Jenya Kazbekova, Jernej Kruder, Julija Kruder, Petra Klingler Louna Ladevant at prize cerimony during the Red Bull Dual Ascent in Val Verzasca, Switzerland, November 4th, 2023. // Matteo Mocellin / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202311040296 // Usage for editorial use only //
Petra Klingler performs during the Red Bull Dual Ascent in Verzasca, Switzerland on November 4, 2023. // Stefan Voitl / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202311040285 // Usage for editorial use only //

The small final consists of the two teams Petra Klingler (SUI) & Louna Ladevant (FRA) versus Domen Škofic (SLO) & Vita Lukan (SLO). Both teams were nearly equally in their qualification times (60:15min vs. 61:12min), so the stage is set for a head-to-head race.

Both female athletes start right off with a quick beginning and manage ascending with high speed. Their partners follow with a high pace as well. It develops an exciting race between both teams with changing leads.

Louna Ladevant, Ice climbing world champion, nearly falls but holds himself with one arm. Domen Škofic manages to take the lead and is first to finish, closely before Louna Ladevant.

Domen Škofic is letting his partner Vita Lukan climb after him. At one of the final holds, she makes a deception mistake, falling into the rope and letting her opponent Petra Klingler the final part without time pressure.

Petra Klingler, local hero, starts and brings her experience as a world champion in bouldering, Swiss champion in the disciplines of speed, lead and bouldering into the competition. sums up her strong performance at this event bringing home the win of the 3rd place with her team-mate Louna Ladevant in a finishing time of 01:01:51.

In the big final of the Red Bull Dual Ascent 2023 Alberto Ginés López (ESP), world class athlete and part of the winning team of the Red Bull Dual Ascent 2022, & Jenya Kazbekova (UKR) compete vs. the siblings Jernej Kruder (SLO) & Julija Kruder (SLO).

The Spanish and Ukraine, who won the qualifications, set up a high speed from the very beginning showing their strength but the Slovenian team manages to keep up the similar pace. Over the whole middle part of the wall, all are having powerful sections, showing the spectators a thrilling climbing race.

At the end of pitch #5 Jenya Kazbekova slips on a hold meaning her to restart from the start of this pitch #5 to not to take a penalty point. She can pick up the speed again and gets her and Alberto back into the race.

Jernej Kruder and Alberto Ginés López reach the top nearly equally. Both female climbers start to follow their partner with high pace and risking a lot.

Julija Kruder misses one hold and falls into the rope. Jenya Kazbekova takes the opportunity and makes it to one of the last holds. Here she slips and falls a little bit into the rope but decides to climb on to finish even though taking the penalty point for this.

Julija Kruder decides to restart the final pitch one more time to avoid a penalty point. She masters one of the most difficult parts of the route and finishes the final pitch without mistake this time securing her and her brother the victory of the Red Bull Dual Ascent 2023 with a time of 01:30:12 ahead of Alberto Ginés López and Jenya Kazbekova with 01:05:40 but 1 penalty point.

  1. Jernej Kruder (SLO) and Julija Kruder (SLO), Total Time: 01:30:12, Penalties: 0
  2. Alberto Ginés López (ESP) and Jenya Kazbekova (UKR), Total Time: 01:05:40, Penalties: 1
  3. Petra Klingler (SUI) and Louna Ladevant (FRA), Total Time: 01:01:51, Penalties: 0
  4. Domen Škofic (SLO) and Vita Lukan (SLO), Total Time: 01:02:28, Penalties: 2
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