Wenea, an independent leader in electric vehicle charging services, has renewed its commitment to be an official provider of La Vuelta, one of the most important cycling races in the world, for the second consecutive year.

With over 1,000 operational recharge points, Wenea has positioned itself as the country’s largest ultra-fast charging network. This ensures that the competition’s electric vehicles will be able to recharge whenever and wherever they need to do so. The race currently has two 100% electric vehicles, one for the Race Director and another for the International Commissary, as well as 85 hybrid vehicles.

Besides its extensive charging network, Wenea has also developed a portable charging solution for those stages of La Vuelta that take place in areas such as mountain passes, where the electrical network is less accessible. This ensures that, even in the most remote locations, the electric vehicles will be able to depend on a reliable energy source.

Wenea’s participation as an official supplier in this year’s edition of La Vuelta will be its second consecutive time – a true reflection of last year’s success. During the three weeks of racing through Spain in 2022, the sports directors’ electric vehicles completed over 6,500 km by charging with Wenea, proving that the company’s charging network has great coverage and is dependable.


This partnership’s renovation manifests La Vuelta’s commitment to sustainable mobility and to the competition’s decarbonisation – two objectives that align perfectly with Wenea’s mission and purpose, making it a vital alliance.

In this sense, Wenea’s agreement strategy plays an essential role, not only in the company’s own growth, but also in creating networks with other companies, forming strategic alliances in order to gradually and surely promote electric mobility throughout the Spanish territory.

In the words of José Manuel Zorrilla, President of Wenea, ‘We are proud to continue to support La Vuelta, an iconic competition that turns 78 and that has become one of the most important sporting events worldwide. With over 1,000 recharge points all over the Spanish territory, Wenea guarantees the electric mobility of a sporting event that has evolved into a sustainability benchmark. This is a long-term agreement that expresses the coherence of Wenea and La Vuelta’s values, such as sustainability and innovation. We wish to encourage all spectators to join the electric vehicle challenge so that Spain may be a sustainability leader.

Javier Guillén, General Director of Unipublic, adds, ‘La Vuelta is moving towards sustainability. As we always say, our race is an important platform and we must use it to create a better future. To cover 6,500 kilometres in three weeks with vehicles that are 100% electric poses an enormous logistical challenge, but thanks to Wenea’s portable charging solution and to its other partners, we are confident that we can complete that route.’ – www.lavuelta.es

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