The Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) are confident that the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil will be in excellent condition ahead of the SEA Games next month.

S. Chinetamby,  the sports manager for the athletics at the 29th SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, said that all is looking good for the Bukit Jalil Stadium with still over a month to go to the big show.

“Despite the on-going renovations, I can see that they have stepped up the pace as compared to what I’ve seen a week ago and it’s good progress.

“I think that it will be done in tiptop condition before the Games so we’re not worried about the venue,” said a pleased Chinetamby.

With MAF hosting their 94th MAF Open Championship at the venue which serves as the pre SEA Games event, they have included multiple upgrades in terms of the results system.

The techincal chairman of MAF added that three vendors – Seiko (timing and scoreboard), Samsung (display of scoreboard and video), and WSL (results system) – were included for their expertise to enhance the system.

“We want to avoid going back to the conventional method of recording the results manually as this is not a small meet. Our main focus will be on accuracy, timing and flow. There’s a lot of work we have to look into as it is the core of the event.

“For example, for the finish line, we will see the pictures of waves to read the reaction time and the companies responsible for the results system are currently working on it.

“We had several meetings which includes the host broadcaster and we have given a clear picture of what is required to make the KL2017 Games,” added Chinetamby.

Chinetamby, who had also officiated at the 2015 Singapore SEA Games, said that the system still need some tweaking.

“Immediately after the first session yesterday, we had gathered for a meeting to work on our shortcomings and what needs improvements,” he explained. – BY ALVIN OH

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