It is now possible to configure the BMW R 1200 GS andR 1200 GS Adventure even more elegantly and expressively – with high-quality and specially matched ‘Edition Black’ Original BMW Motorrad Accessories. 

The wide choice of combinations available presents great potential for customisation. The following black anodised and black powder coated accessories are now available in addition to the usual range of BMW Motorrad accessories, providing an ideal way to individualise both of these touring enduros:

·      Aluminium luggage system, black.

·      Holder, black, for aluminium topcase.

·      Holder, black, for aluminium case.

·      Enduro aluminium engine protector, black.

·      Adjustable gear shift lever, black.

·      Vario case holder, black.

·      Footpeg mount, rear, black.

·      Radiator covers “Style” black.

·      Adjustable rider footpegs, black.

Details of the Edition Black accessory range.
Aluminium luggage system, black.

The aluminium luggage system consists of two side cases (36 l + 44 l) and one topcase (32 l) and is a practical solution for stowing luggage away safely. Each of the black anodised cases has two locks, and they are also fitted with lashing eyes for securing extra luggage. Additional accessories include inside bags for cases and topcase, a backrest pad for the topcase, and carry handles. A single-key locking system is also available.

Holder, black, for aluminium topcase.
This sturdy luggage bridge in an attractive black design enables safe securing of luggage. It is made of durable, rustproof stainless steel with black powder coating. It is also suitable for use with the Atacama soft luggage system.

Holder, black, for aluminium case.
This case holder is made of rustproof, powder-coated stainless steel and allows safe securing of Atacama side bags, even under off-road conditions. It is also suitable for use with aluminium cases.

Enduro aluminium engine protector, black.
This robust aluminium enduro engine protector is made of 2 mm thick sheet aluminium and is specially designed for use in off-road terrain. Significantly longer and wider than the standard engine protector, it guards effectively against impacts from rocks and stones, thus protecting the bottom section of the engine against damage. It has a black anodised finish and its holder is made of durable stainless steel.

Adjustable gear shift lever, black.
The gear shift lever is made of black anodised aluminium and is designed specifically for riding while standing in the footpegs. For this purpose, it is fitted with a kick unit that can be adjusted by means of a slot hole. By varying the distance between the kick unit and the footpeg in this way, it is possible to make adjustments for shoe size, and it also improves control when riding in a standing position.

Vario case holder, black.
This case holder is used for attaching vario cases and pillion footpegs to the motorcycle. Thanks to its matt-black anodised surface, its finish perfectly matches that of the vehicle.

Footpeg mount, rear, black.
The shape and dimensions of this footpeg mount correspond with those of the series model; it permits the attachment of pillion footpegs to the motorcycle, has an integrated heel guard and is matt-black anodised.

‘Style’ radiator covers, black.
These radiator covers are made of black powder coated solid stainless steel; they are attached to the trim and round off the design in a particularly athletic and masculine fashion. ‘Style’ radiator covers, black correspond with the serial parts of the Style models Rallye and Exclusive. For this reason, these parts only fit the corresponding models.

Adjustable rider footpegs, black.
These spring-loaded, black anodised rider footpegs offer maximum comfort when sitting. When riding in a standing position, particularly in off-road terrain, the kick plate compresses and uncovers a jagged external contour for additional hold and enhanced vehicle control. Moreover, the setting screw allows the height to be adjusted over three positions. These high-quality, forged-metal rider footpegs also feature a replaceable plastic wear protector and lasered a BMW Motorrad lettering.

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