At the fourth round of the Le Mans Esports Series held at Sebring, Red Bull Racing Esports Teammates Aurélièn ‘Laige’ Mallet and Alexandre ‘Asix’ Arnou put in fantastic performances. Both drivers claimed second place finishes in their respective races, placing the Team 10 points ahead in the Championship.
Alexandre fought hard in the nine-lap sprint race scoring his first podium in the 2020 Le Mans Series. Taking the chequered flag in second place, Alexandre commented, “Starting third in front of Lazarus Racing was a very good position for us. The first lap was hard, but I managed to keep my position. The rest of the race was pretty calm and I was confident about my pace so I went for the overtake and slotted into P2. I tried hard to catch the leader but we didn’t have enough laps to attempt the final overtake.”
For the 28-lap endurance race Aurélièn stepped up to the plate, starting P14 on the grid due to the reverse grid championship order. The race was action-packed from lights out, by the end of the second lap he was up to sixth. Eventually bringing his Ford GT home in second place, Aurélièn said “overall it was a good day of racing! Alexandre did a great job by getting P2 in race one, outscoring Lazarus Racing, which was our main goal.
As for me, starting from the back of the grid is never easy, and I got caught in a few incidents, thankfully they didn’t end my race and I could continue. I decided to pit quite early to take advantage of the clean air and that strategy worked as I finished in second, only eight seconds behind the race winner. We are now leading the championship, with one round to go, so we’ll try to maximise points in the last two races to keep the lead, and go into the Super Finals as the favourites!”
Today’s results have put Red Bull Racing Esports Team top of the standings with one round remaining before the Super Final.
Position          Team                                       Driver
1.                  Fast Racers Forza                     Tooyz
2.                  Red Bull Racing                        Alexandre ‘Asix’ Arnou
3.                  Lazarus Racing                         Racer
4.                  Total Performance Racing      Commando
5.                  Virtualdrivers byTX3                  Wesley
6.                  RYZE Motorsport                       Chris
7.                  Solar Vision Racing                  Solar
8.                  Alien Motorsport                      Huracan
9.                  Team Fordzilla                          Chris
10.                Pachura Moto Center            SUPRA MK4
Position          Team                                        Driver
1.                  Total Performance Racing       Commando
2.                  Red Bull Racing                         Aurélièn ‘Laige’ Mallet
3.                  Fast Racers Forza                      Tooyz
4.                  Virtualdrivers byTX3                   Wesley
5.                  Lazarus Racing                          Racer
6.                  RYZE Motorsport                        Chris
7.                  Solar Vision Racing                   Solar
8.                  Team Fordzilla                           Chris
9.                  Alien Motorsport                       Huracan
10.                Light Speed Esports                  Turbo
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