#The football and fashion icon is seen rocking suits with the classic suedes in a shoot that embodies the brand’s fashion-forward ideology

PUMA’s latest brand ambassador, football superstar, Neymar Jr, was recently involved in a classy photoshoot with the brand – styling the iconic Suede sneakers with formal suits for a recent photoshoot. The photoshoot, done in exclusive partnership with international sneaker magazine, Highsnobiety, took the sneaker and fashion world by storm.

Neymar Jr is PUMA’s latest acquisition, and he embodies a unique combination of effortless
style and exceptional performance that goes in tandem with PUMA’s brand philosophy.

An authentic personality whose influence expands beyond the footballing world, it is almost a no-brainer that PUMA is ready to expand Neymar’s portfolio from sports to include fashion and lifestyle collections as well.

Speaking of Neymar’s role as a style icon of the brand, PUMA’s Creative Director, Heiko Desens, explained that Neymar’s association with the classic football boots, PUMA King, paved way for his association with another one of the brand’s lifestyle classics, the Suede.

“We first associated Neymar with the PUMA King, our classic shoe icon in football. So, it made sense to associate Neymar with the PUMA Suede, which is another Classic icon of our brand.

Classics are an ongoing trend in the market and the Suede with its great heritage is a perfect fit for Neymar’s unique style,” said Desens.

Desens also adds that using Neymar as the style icon for Suede was ideal as the brand has long established a strong reputation within various subcultures.

“The Suede has always been part of styling adventures within subcultures and later on the big movement of street culture. Another good example in our history is Walt Frazer and the PUMA Clyde.

“Back then, PUMA already broke all rules in traditional styling by mixing sports and fashion
unconventionally. Neymar Jr. is the perfect guy to do this again,” he said.

Neymar and PUMA first shook up the world of football when their partnership was announced in September, and with the icon now being roped in for a shoot with PUMA Suede, fans of the brand can expect more exciting collaborations featuring Neymar Jr and PUMA coming their way soon.

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