THONG Shun Le and Thong Shun Yi are siblings.  However, in the eyes of many people, the two are twins but in reality, they are non-identical twins.

The Allianz Junior Badminton Championships (AJBC) has always been blessed with the participation of twins/non-identical twins since the inception of AJBC Qualifying Round 1 held in July.

The duo has drawn the attention of the audience in the Penang chapter of the AJBC Qualifying Round 5 at Universiti Sains Malaysia Sports Complex.

Shun Le and Shun Yi are 12-year-old, students at SRJK (C) Jit Sin (B) in Bukit Mertajam and made winning starts in the first round of the Boys Under-13 singles event. They will also compete in doubles.

“It is a good opportunity for Shin Yi and Shun Le to compete here. There is no pressure. I just want them to enjoy the game and learn from this experience,” said their mother, Ong Chuu Wing.

For the record, Shun Yi and Shun Le have been training under coach Teh Peng Huat since they were six years of age until now. Peng Huat is known for spotting and is credited with coaching Lee Chong Wei into a national junior champion.

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