Malaysia succumbed to a 5-0 loss to world champions Australia in their second friendly match this week. The Malaysians had conceded a 7-1 defeat in the first match two days earlier.

MAS goal scorer :

AUS goal scorer :
Trent Mitton (FG) 18 m
Blake Govers (PC) 31 m
Blake Govers (FG) 39 m
Jamin Dwyer (FG) 47 m
Turner.G (FG) 59 m

MAS – 1 green
AUS – 1 green

According to Terry Walsh, MHC’s Technical Director, MAS was much more competitive in this match.

“MAS had 2 penalty corners in the 2nd half. One of which hit the post. We had 3 soft goals scored against us which could have been avoided. It was a much more even performance throughout. The players had more confidence to play passes and build out of defence.

We still make careless decisions in critical moments but are progressively getting better”, he said.

The final match will be played on Thursday at 3.30pm

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