The National Women’s Team will be playing a 5 match series against the Chinese National Junior Team in Changzhou, China from the21/3/2016 to the 28/3/2016.

Under a new coach, Muhammad Dhaarma Raj Abdullah, Malaysia begins its journey towards The World League Round 2, which we are due to host. Under the leadership of Dato’ Sri Subahan Kamal, MHC is determined to ensure that both the men and women are provided the best possible opportunities to develop both as players and collectively as a team.

“China is one of the best teams in the world. Even their Junior Squads are formidable. We take this as an opportunity to learn and gauge ourselves after undergoing 2 and half months of training. I am pleasantly surprised by the talent we have, but a lot of work is required if we are to progress”, Dhaarma said.

Malaysia will begin their series against China tomorrow.

The dates of the series are as follows (Times denoted are China’s):

22/3 – 3.00PM
23/3 – 3.00PM
25/3 – 2.00PM
26/3 – 10.00AM
27/3 – 10.00AM

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