tsnkhonkaen (2)
Khon Kaen FC (in all blue) vs Thai Son Nam (in all white)

Defending champions Thai Son Nam District 8 FC were 3-1 up and were just five minutes away from claiming their place in the final of the AFF Futsal Club here today. But their opponents, Khon Kaen FC had other plans and blasted three goals to celebrate a remarkable 4-3 victory and in the process boot Thai Son Nam out of the final.

For their awesome efforts, Khon Kaen will face Indonesia’s Jaya Kencana Angels, one of the most exciting teams here, in the final on Saturday. The Angels had earlier turned in a powerful performance against Bangkok FC to win 9-2. 

Following today’s win, Khon Kaen have nine points from three wins and top the group on better goal difference. The Angels also have nine points but are second with Thai Son Nam in third place with Bangkok FC  in fourth. Women’s FC from Myanmar finished bottom of the standings. Thai Son Nam and Bangkok FC will face each other in the third-fourth placing playoff.

Khon Kaen, who had lost 1-0 to Jaya Kencana Angels, were expected to go down to Thai Son Nam District 8 FC. The Vietnamese club started well and led 2-0 at the break. But certainly never imagined such a comeback from their Thai rivals.

With time rapidly ticking away, the Thai side decided to go for broke and brought on their power player. It worked as Sriranya Srimanee and Prapasporn Sriroj scored within minutes of each other. Prapasporn then sank the fourth goal which Khon Kaen managed to hold on to the end.

This morning, the Angels scored once of the fastest goals of the tournament thus far. It took them just 19 seconds to land the opening goal through Susi Susanti. In the fifth minute, Rani Mulyasari barged through from the right and slammed in the second goal. Anggi Puspita Sari made it 3-0 in the 12th minute.

Fitri Rosdiana helped herself with two consecutive strikes in the eighth and 16th minutes to put the game beyond their Thai rivals. The Angels added five more after the break from Rani (24th), Novita Murni Piranti (26th, 29th), Indah Sari (32nd).

Bangkok FC scored twice through Thassanee Lertlop (35th) and Suthinant Sampattonglan (40th).

Tomorrow is a rest day. The third-fourth placing playoffs and final matches will take place at the same venue here on Saturday.




Thai Son Nam FC (Vie) bt Myanmar Imperial College (MIC) FC (Mya) 4-1

Black Steel (Ina) vs Thaiport FC (Tha) – not over yet


Jaya Kencana Angels (Ina) bt Bangkok FC (Tha) 9-2

Khon Kaen FC (Tha) bt Thai Son Nam District 8 FC (Vie) 4-3


FIXTURES (Saturday)


3rd-4th playoff: Myanmar Imperial College (MIC) FC (Mya) vs Black Steel (Ina)

Final: Thaiport FC (Tha) vs Thai Son Nam FC (Vie)


3rd-4th playoff: Thai Son Nam District 8 FC (Vie) vs Bangkok FC (Tha) 

Final: Khon Kaen FC (Tha) vs Jaya Kencana Angels (Ina)

jayabangkok (4)
Kencana Angels (in red/black) vs Bangkok FC (in green/black)


jayabangkok (1)
Kencana Angels (in red/black) vs Bangkok FC (in green/black)
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