The Amateur Football League (AFL) have shortlisted the final 20 teams that will be taking part in the 2021 M3 League – provided they complete Phase Two of documentation screenings.

Earlier, AFL had shortlisted 14 teams for participation before adding a further six to the list this week.

The six teams that gained approval are FC Immigration, Kuala Lumpur Rovers FC, MAHSA-Protap FC, Malaysian University FT, Perlis United FC and Ultimate FC.


  1. Armed Forces FC
  2. BRM FC
  3. Cyberlynx FC
  4. FC Langkawi
  5. Today KS FC
  6. Gazelle Rangers FC
  7. Kinabalu Jaguars FC
  8. KSR Science FC
  9. Kuala Kangsar FC
  10. Langkawi City FC
  11. Manjung City FC
  12. MNY FC
  13. GDP FC
  14. Real Chukai FC
  15. FC Immigration
  16. Kuala Lumpur Rovers FC
  17. MAHSA-Protap FC
  18. Malaysian University FT
  19. Perlis United FC
  20. Ultimate FC
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