PSM Makassar head coach Robert Rene Alberts has been selected as the head coach of the Indonesian Selection side that will take on Iceland in a friendly.

Iceland, who has qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia in June this year, will play the Indonesian Selection side on 11 January 2018 at the Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman.

“I am grateful to the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) for the appointment as the head coach of the Indonesian Selection. We will start our preparation on 9 January in Jogjakarta – two days before the event,” said Alberts.

“The game against Iceland will be very tough considering that they have qualified for the FIFA World Cup. We hope that we can put up a good show against the Icelanders.”

Among those players who have been selected through polling conducted by PSSI are Bambang Pamungkas, Cristian Gonzales, Hamka Hamzah, Ponaryo Astaman, Greg Nwokolo, Raphael Maitimo and several others.

INDONESIA SELECTION (selected through polling)

GOALKEEPERS: I Made Wirawan (77.25 votes), Rivky Mokodompit (35.102)

DEFENDERS: Abduh Lestaluhu (62.167), Tony Sucipto (27.103), Achmad Jufriyanto (72.938), Ricardo Salampessy (37.561), Hamka Hamzah (88.621), Maman Abdurrahman (27.958), Zulkifly Syukur (41.973), Alfin Tuasalamony (35.083)

MIDFIELDERS: Manahati Lestusen (22.861), Ahmad Bustomi (31.319), Ponaryo Astaman (20.455), Ramdani Lestaluhu (37.652), Raphael Maitimo (72.770), Paulo Sitanggang (24.347), Bayu Gatra (29.659), Rizky Pora (40.047)

STRIKER: Bambang Pamungkas (61.784), Cristian Gonzales (39.384), Greg Nwokolo (52.037), Titus Bonai (38.650)



North Tribune: 100.000 (USD 7.40)

South Tribune: 100.000 (USD 7.40)

East Tribune: 150.000 (USD11.10)

West Tribune: 200.000 (USD 14.80)

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