An update on Malaysia’s campaign in Antwerp was provided by K.Logan, the chief executive officer of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation as per append below –

We lost our final match,1-4 to Ireland. While the opportunity was there for us to make it to the Olympics, we failed to capitalize on it, dishing a below par performance.

The President Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal has stated, that while the team had given their all, it is only fair to admit that we are not good enough.

“Rest assured that without blaming anyone including coaches or players , I as the President, even if it’s only a month in office, take full responsibility of the outcome. We tried to do some hardwork in a month. We came close but just didn’t achieve it. It’s sad that we have to go back now to the waiting game. Even before we came to Antwerp we already had a game plan in the team’s and players’ restructuring. To be fair to the team, we gave them a chance. But now everyone has to accept the fact there will be changes for the betterment of hockey. We must qualify to the 2020 Olympics on merit, and not by sneaking in,” said the President.

There will be changes, as mentioned by the President. And we will work towards progress. But this will take time and a lot of hardwork.

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