Hungary’s Peter Besenyei gave his Red Bull Air Race rivals Martin Sonka of the Czech Republic and Francois Le Vot of France a birds-eye tour of Budapest during the traditional Recon Flight ahead of the weekend’s racing above the Danube River.
Besenyei, who was the first pilot to ever fly upside down beneath Budapest’s breathtaking Chain Bridge, treated his Red Bull Air Race rivals to a riveting Recon Flight over the Hungarian capital city.

Flying his new Edge 540 V3 plane that he hopes will get him back on the podium or add to his total of eight race wins, 2003 champion Besenyei showed off the city known as the “Pearl of the Danube” on a warm summer evening to Sonka and Le Vot.

They flew over the Chain Bridge, along the famous Danube Promenade and repeatedly passed by the magnificent Neo-Gothic parliament on the banks of the river. It is the world’s third largest parliament building and a sight to behold both from the air, ground and water.
The weekend’s race marks the eighth time Hungary has hosted the world’s fastest motorsport series. Staged in the center of the city, the pilots race through 25-meter high pylons set up on the Danube and are cheered on by enormous crowds as the racing action happens right in front of them.

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