Duo race past iconic landmarks and land some epic jumps in new ‘Duct Out’ edit

Californian Tyler Bereman welcomed fellow motocross star Robbie Maddison to Los Angeles, however they had to leave their car and team up on their bikes to beat the famous gridlock.

Here is all you need to know:

– Bereman, 28, has been racing motocross since he was 10 years old with an X Games Minneapolis 2019 gold medal to his name from the MTX Best Whip event.

– Australian Maddison, 38, is a motocross/stunt legend who has broken world motorcycle jumping records while racking up X Games and Red Bull X-Fighters medals.

– In their latest video, the duo ditch their car away from notorious LA traffic and get on their dirt bikes to wheelie through the city and produce jaw-dropping jumps.

– They pass several iconic landmarks, guide their bikes through Los Angeles City Hall and criss-cross the LA River aqueduct on their mission to escape congestion.

– Bereman jumps a gap on Grand Avenue with a 34ft fall underneath, while Maddison drops from the 1st Street bridge into the Los Angeles River a huge 46ft below.

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