Bima Sakti, the head coach of the Indonesia Under-17 national, has called up 34 players for the first selection camp in preparation for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup which will be held on 20 November to 2 December 2023.

The selected players will be in this initial centralised training camp until 28 August 2023.

At the same time too, six players of Indonesian descent have been included in this current call-up and they are Welber Halim Jardin, Madrid Augusta, Mahesa Ekayanto, Staffan Qabiel Horrito, Aaron Liam Suitela and Aaron Nathan Ang.

“The training camp started with medical tests on all the players. This selection will be until 28 August 2023,” said Bima.

“We will be very selective in choosing players, where we will be at the needs of the team. Among the qualities are individual skills, chemistry with teammates, mentality and discipline among others.”



  1. Muhammad Afazriel, PSS
  2. Ji Da Bin, ASIOP
  3. Komang Ananta, Bali United
  4. Mohamad Andre, Bali United
  5. Muhammad Iqbal, Barito Putera
  6. Irvansyah Afanda, Bhayangkara FC
  7. Azzaky Esa, Bhayangkara FC
  8. Muhammad Ridho, Borneo FC
  9. Andrika Fathir, Borneo FC
  10. Rizdjar Nurviat, Borneo FC
  11. Mokh Hanif, Cipta Cendekia FA
  12. Muhammad Kafiatur, Borneo FC
  13. M Riski, Madura United
  14. Muhammad Gaoshirowi, Persib
  15. Zulkifli Lukmansyah, Persib
  16. Figo Dennis, Persija
  17. Jehan Pahlevi, Persija
  18. Arkhan Kaka, Persis
  19. Habil Akbar, PPLP Jawa Tengah
  20. Muhammad Nabil, PPLP Sumbar
  21. Ikram Algifarri, PPLP Sumbar
  22. Sulthan Zaky, PSM
  23. Achmad Zidan, PSS
  24. Dimas Arya, Persipasi
  25. Shouter Tonci, PPLP Papua
  26. Gala Pagamo, PPLP Sumbar
  27. M Givary Lotra,Cipta Cendekia FA
  28. Danda Rama, Barito Putera
  29. Welber Halim, Sao Paolo
  30. Madrid Augusta, AFC’34 Alkmaar
  31. Mahesa Ekayanto, FC Dordrecht
  32. Staffan Qabiel, Academy Sant Cuggat
  33. Aaron Liam, Bullen FC
  34. Aaron Nathan, Youth FC Nottingen




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