The eagerly awaited start of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Abu Dhabi this weekend drew closer with the traditional recon flight in front of the city’s breathtaking skyline. American Kirby Chambliss, who won the season opener in Abu Dhabi in 2006, led his rivals Pete McLeod of Canada and new Master Class pilot Francois Le Vot of France into the skies over the UAE capital city for an aerial inspection of the city’s towering skyline, and the nearby race track set up on the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf.

The season opener in Abu Dhabi has been one of the most important trend-setting races every year since its first race here in 2005. Kirby Chambliss of Team Chambliss went on to win the 2006 world championship after his victory in Abu Dhabi that year and is hoping to get his 2015 campaign off to a flying start with a top result here. Pete McLeod from Garmin Racing  took a surprisingly strong third place in Abu Dhabi last year, which launched the best season of his Red Bull Air Race career.

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and offers one of the most beautiful settings on the race calendar. The race weekend starts 13/14 February. 

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