Wilson GM Bernard, Johnson Koh, Christian Chin & Malaysia   Davies Cup Junior Coach S Selvarajoo at the Raintree Club K L.

In 2014, Christian Didier Chin was Sabah’s first ever ranked Number 1 player in Asia in the ATF 14 years category. He is also the first ever Malaysian to be ranked number 1 in any category. This number ONE ranking had brought good news.

Chin had just earned a grant of USD5,000 from the Olympic Solidarity Talented player Grant for 2014 for his great performance and results. This Grant of USD5,000 is also to provide him with the expenses to travel to a few local Asian and ITF tournaments and trainings for a few months period. The grant is awarded through Asia Tennis Federation ( ATF ) representative  Mr. Rajat Kapoor.

With this good news, STA  believe his talent and ability can  go further  to a  higher level to be in the class World Tennis ATP tournaments in near future.

STA President Johnson Koh was happy to receive the good news from Christian’s father Christopher Chin. STA President had a talk with Christopher and he expressed gratitude and pride in his son’s achievements so far. He made it known that his sacrifices so far has brought results for his family, the state of Sabah as well as to the nation.

Christopher Chin said “With this Grant he as a player and we as parents are proud to see him excel to this high level of tennis. His level of tennis has been top class with the Malaysian National Tennis Academy in Jalan Duta. We would like to seek further for more sponsorships either local or overseas, so he can have more opportunities to experience and exposure in other countries for  trainings and tennis academies which have more and different facilities like these top 3

Tennis Academies in the world:-

1) IMG Bolletierri Academy in Brandenton-Florida

2) Club Med Tennis in Sandpiper-Florida

3) Academia Sanchez-Casal, Barcelona, Spain

where they are trained with top coaches.


We hope in the next 6 months Christian will have an opportunity and will be offered a FULL scholarship or sponsorship to be in one of these top 3 tennis academies in the world, where players like Sharapova, Andre Agassi, Nishikori, Boris Becker, Jim Courier, Tommy Haas and Serena Williams have the opportunity to taste the top class training to make them where they are as top 10 ATP/WTA players in the world in the last 20 years.

To be in one of this top class Tennis Academy, the amount will require about RM150,000/year. For a 4 year progressive Sponsorship/Scholarship, he will require a minimum of RM600,000 for his growth to be a top ATP player when he will be able to turn pro by the age at 18-20 years old.

For him to excel, he may require a 4 years Tennis Training camps with top class coaches bringing him along to spar with top ATP players and legends exposure is important for his age inspiration from 15 to 18 years to grow both in skills, techniques, mental toughness, exposure to all different courts surfaces (Hard, Clay, Grass and Indoor), all types weather, different players, and correct facilities applied.

We want to thank STA, the Sabah sports ministry and all concerned parties and individuals who have assisted Christian to achieve his feat.  I would like to apply through STA for your consideration and support to assist in looking for sponsorship and scholarship for Christian Chin.”

STA President Johnson Koh paid a visit to Christian Chin at the LTAM tennis academy in K L last weekend and talked to Christian about his aims and  dreams. Johnson also brought Christian to see the teams playing at the Raintree Club team tennis.

According to Christian “ I have improved a lot since I joined LTAM tennis academy and having coaches from various countries coaching me. I also have gained a lot representing Malaysia in many overseas tournaments, the latest in the Junior Davis cup tournament in Melbourne Australia last April. I aspire to improve further. I want to be ATP ranked one day. For me to do that I must go overseas to be trained and gain exposure from various other players and coaches. I sincerely hope STA and LTAM through the sports ministry can help me to achieve my dreams. My ranking as number 1 in ATF is a  record to Sabah and country Malaysia and I think I should be given a chance to go further based on my capabilities and my desire to further improve to bring good results for the country.”

STA has requested Christopher to submit a written application for the scholarship and sponsorship.

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