Five races, five winners. Showcasing the depth of talent in the M32 fleet, Don Wilson, Miles Julien, Larry Phillips, Jake Julien, and Bill Ruh each commanded for a race.

But it was 2023’s protagonist, Jake Julien, who galloped to the front of the fleet and eclipsed Jen Wilson’s overnight lead. Wilson praised Julien’s stand-out performance, especially on such a fickle day: “Only one team was consistent. Nice job, Rated X!”

A heavy, shifty breeze and strong current characterized the racing on Narragansett Bay on the waters near Halfway Rock.

Julien and his Rated X team led today’s racing with 10 total points – a significant leadership on the day compared to the next-best teams who posted 27, 28, 29, 29, 29 on the day. An average of two points per race is incredibly rare. He needed it after an unusual performance yesterday that left his dad Bobby Julien asking, “What happened?” to which Jake responded, “We got crushed. And we deserved it.” Well the tables turned today.

Jake, Keith Swinton, Rhys Mara, Julius Hallstrom, and Jeff McCooey have been in pole position all season and have won every major title. This is Julien’s first World Championship. But he hasn’t lost his sense of gravity: “Yesterday, the spread between Convergence and us was enormous. Today, it was gone in a couple of races,” said Julien, cognizant that anything can happen tomorrow. “There’s nothing safe about where we are, so I’m just nervous, excited for the next two days.”

Rounding out the podium so far after the second day is Jen Wilson and her Convergence team and Bobby Julien’s Dingbat. The regatta is only halfway over.

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