Erick Thohir has been elected as the new President of the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) for the Session 2023-2027.

Erick, who is also the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, replaced Mochamad Iriawan, following the latter’s expiry of his term of office.

In the election for the PSSI Presidency, Erick received 64 votes while nearest challenger AA Lanyalla Mattalitti gained 22 votes.

Two other candidates – Arif Putra Wicaksono and Doni Setiabudi – did not get a single vote.

The post of Deputy President I went to Zainudin Amali, who is the Minister for Youth and Sports and Deputy President II to Ratu Tisha Destria.


The 12 elected PSSI Executive Committee members are:

Eco Setiawan

Endri Erawan

Jun Rahman


Rudy Yulianto


Vivin Cahyani

Pieter Tanuri

Arya Mahendra

Khairul Anwar

Ahmad Riyadh





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