It was almost 20 years ago that CrossFit was formally established, and since then it has rapidly grown to take over the fitness industry. CrossFit gyms are regularly popping up, as the sport provides a way to supplement or even potentially replace many traditional strength and condition programs. While the Malaysian CrossFit scene is still relatively small, it offers both men and women a crucial way to maximize their strength and condition, and help them prepare for specific sporting events such as the CrossFit Games or the Ironman Asia events.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit could be just about anything, from sprinting to distance running, powerlifting to Olympic lifting, gymnastics to Strongman. There are two forms of CrossFit; one is competitive such as the gruelling CrossFit Games, while the other is practiced by the general exercising population. Those competitive CrossFit athletes train for several hours each day, often devoting specific sessions to skill-based work, strength work and conditioning. Meanwhile, for others who exercise a few days per week for up to an hour, they generally, use CrossFit to help them improve function, lose weight or just to work out with others.

The CrossFit Diet

CrossFit workouts are fast-paced and strenuous, which makes diet more important. Nutrition is a key part of CrossFit training, and is crucial for performance. It’s recommended that CrossFit athletes eat a healthy diet that supports their exercise but doesn’t create body fat. The ideal CrossFit diet should contain no sugar and be low in carbohydrates with an emphasis on macronutrients from whole plants, healthy fats and lean proteins – for instance, meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts, some fruit and little starch. When it comes to planning a balanced CrossFit-friendly meal, divide your plate into one-third of lean protein such as fish, lean beef or skinless chicken breast. Two thirds should be dedicated to fruits with a low glycaemic index and colorful non-starchy vegetables. You should also include a small amount of healthy monounsaturated fat, such as nuts, avocados or olive oil.

Benefits For Amateur And Professional Athletes

CrossFit has been established for some time in the US, and the NFL’s New Orleans Saints started including CrossFit in their programs in 2014 after their coach had successfully used it to get back into shape. When it is done properly, CrossFit offers considerable benefits to athletes, as it uses a number of different types of movements that can help athletes boost their development. Just like in many sports, football players specialize in their sport, so their training is specific. They won’t train on what isn’t asked of them on the football field. However, a football player will be required to have respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility, stamina, speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance. All of these are widely recognized elements of CrossFit. CrossFit makes you a better athlete and helps you to become more powerful, stronger, faster, more flexible and better conditioned. By focusing on certain exercises while tracking the weight increases during specific lifts, coaches can see their athletes improve both their strength and conditioning.

Regardless of the sport, becoming a stronger athlete who is able to perform at a higher level and for a longer period can only be positive. CrossFit is great for showing an athlete just how they can push themselves both mentally and physically, while helping them to become an overall better athlete.

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