# Chong Wei  a big name in Elite Tour

# Indonesia’s Hendra and Japan’s Tago on the list too

Badminton Asia has embarked on another exciting journey to take the sport to an “exciting new level” for badminton buffs with the birth of a new event called Badminton Asia Elite Tour following the signing of a 10-year deal with the China Olympic Complex Group Company on Nov 2.

The inaugural Elite Tour, which has some of the biggest names in the lineup, include Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei, Indonesia’s Hendra Setiawan, Japan’s Kenichi Tago and Hong Kong’s Yip Pui Yin will be held in the Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu, China from 10th to 12th November. Among the big names from China include Cai Yun plus several other legends. This is an invitational event.

Each player must play in the singles and doubles or singles and mixed doubles. Pairing of pairs is done by the luck of the draw. Events contested are Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles. There is no Women’s Doubles.

According to Badminton Asia secretary-general Greg Kim Hong Ki the Elite Tour, after the inaugural meet, will be made up of more legs in a year in different regions in China and there are also plans on the possibility of bring the Elite Tour out of China in a few years time.

“It is great opportunity for Badminton Asia to be in partnership with China Olympic Complex Group where we share a common goal in our efforts and dedication to bring the sport of badminton to a different and more exciting level of the game to the audience.

“This event is special to Badminton Asia as we move towards creating more exciting platforms to showcase world class players in the region.

“To the players, I thank you for coming on board with us together in charting this new journey for a new horizon in badminton.We have a great and strong team to make this first event of the Elite Tour a huge success…an event to show and kickoff the new badminton ‘flavour’ with a blast,” said Greg.

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