# ‘Fly by night event organisers are giving MAF a bad name’ – Karim

# ‘Local councils and Police are not the final approving authority’ – Karim

After the Klang City International Marathon incident which left three runners injured, including one – Avelyn Ang, who needed surgery for serious head injuries – the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF) is coming down hard on illegal races in the country.

MAF president Datuk Karim Ibrahim did not mince his words that the days of the “money minting” organisers are over and vowed to clean up such illegal races.

“The organisers of such illegal races are giving MAF a bad name. Local councils and PDRM (Police) are not the final approving authority. The Sports Commissioner is the authority under the Sports Development Act,” said Karim.

“Without a licence from the Sports Commissioner any race held is illegal. The Klang City International Marathon is one such race.”

Karim revealed that event managers have attended talks and seminars on holding races and what needs to be done through proper channel.

“There are rules and regulations that need to be followed in organising such marathons and runs in the country. However, all this seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

“Only the MAF has the powers to sanction marathons and road races in the country. We are experts who can advise organisers on technical aspects and also help them get the licence from the Sports Commissioner.”

“Very often some government officers not from the Sports Commissioner’s office, for some unknown reasons, give the impression that they are the approving authority.”

In the same breath Karim said from now on there will be strict guidelines to be followed by the organisers and only those with “good track records and sufficient experience” will get the nod from MAF.

“Even then the races will be officiated by our (MAF) officials to ensure that all is done in proper order,” added Karim. – BY RIZAL ABDULLAH

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