Goh V Shem-Tan We Kiong

National singles coach Datuk Misbun Sidek will be looking to add more power – physically and also mentally – to the men’s team ahead of the Thomas Cup Finals in Bangkok, Thailand in May.

In spite of a jittery start coupled with a sense of apprehension on these batch of players, the team came together to make sure Malaysia will make the flight to Bangkok purely on merit.

They won Group C before continuing their fine form to beat Hong Kong in the quarter-finals. Their progress was stopped by China in the semi-finals.

“Overall, I’m satisfied with the players I have fielded in this tournament ,” said Misbun.

“But I can see that there are still a few weaknesses that need to be rectified. Most importantly, we need to build on the players physical strength and mental durability.

“In comparison with the other nations, it was evident that they were fit. I believe we’re there in terms of technicality. Therefore, we need to work on a systematic programme to power them up within these three months.

“I believe this development will make a difference to the players’ performance. We still have room for improvement and the players need to work hard to achieve it.”

The sentiment was also echoed by men’s doubles coach Cheah Soon Kit.

“They (Goh V Shem-Tan We Kiong) have to improve in their physical strength and speed. They are fine with their tactical play but the crucial part would be their consistency.

“I think V Shem-Wee Kiong did well but it was disappointing to see Teo Ee Yi-Ong Yew Sin lose. However, they are playing for the first time as a second pair in a team event. So we’ll try to find their right combinations with time we have and we’ll see what they lack.”- BY ALVIN OH

Teo Ee Yi-Ong Yew Sin
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